“Plaster is the synthesis of all services by virtue of color, transparency, depth
and the vibrations induced by elaborated modulations of the trowel”
Carlo Scarpa

Mirabilis Finishes is a select group of New York-based artisans sharing an inherent love and appreciation of the ancient craft of decorative plastering. These highly trained craftsmen have traveled extensively in Europe and Morocco learning time-honored techniques and traditions handed down from master to apprentice through the ages.

Plaster, as a creative art form has been with us for millennia, outlasting the Greek, Egyptian and Roman empires. Pristine examples have been discovered in the chambers of the Pharaohs and the ruins of Pompeii. From the grand palaces and hammams of Morocco to the Renaissance-era streetscapes of Venice, these natural finishes exude a charm and beauty that endures the passage of time.

At Mirabilis Finishes, all our finishes are applied by consummate professionals, each project bearing the unique signature of the individual artisan. Mirabilis collaborates with architects, designers, home and business owners to realize their visions regardless of the scope of the project. Natural earth plasters can be used across the whole design spectrum with myriad texture and color possibilities, from old-world rustic to modern minimalist.

Mirabilis Finishes uses only the finest imported lime and mineral plaster materials from around the world. Our specialized finishes:

Venetian Plaster     Moroccan Tadelakt

American Clay     Japanese Shikkui

These finishes are hypoallergenic, mold-resistant and free of volatile organic compounds (VOC's), reflecting our respect for the environment. Natural earth plasters are not only aesthetically pleasing but improve air quality, insulate heat in winter and retain cool air in summer.

The demand for organic “green” materials among contractors and architects is gaining momentum due to growing concern for the environment. The use of these mineral products contributes greatly to achieving valuable LEED credits. For more information on LEED credits click here for American Clay's white paper.

Mirabilis Finishes is dedicated to sustainable building practices, drawing from the lessons of the past to create a cleaner, healthier and more beautiful future.